Why does Mocha create so many AE mask spline points?

Mocha is a great tool for making garbage mattes for green screened moving objects.

I’m using it to do that and discovered that if I create AE masks instead of rendering an applied matte through the Mocha plugin, my final AE renders are much much faster.

What I don’t understand is why my simple Mocha garbage matte splines with less than 10 points total export as AE masks with hundreds of points.

Why doesn’t Mocha export AE masks with the same number of points as the source spline? It would make managing these shapes much easier once exported to AE.

Thoughts? Thanks!

Unfortunately it comes down to maths.

If you use X-Splines in Mocha, there is no mathematical way to do a 1-for-1 curve with the supported Bezier curves we have to export to AE. The only way you can match it is by adding more points to the Bezier spline.

If you want to avoid more points, you have to work with Bezier splines in Mocha instead.

What we would LOVE is if more compositors and editors supported X-Splines. They are great.

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Aha, makes sense. Damn you maths! :wink:

I agree X-Splines rock. I’m pretty sure Mocha is the only application I work with that uses them. Wish there were more. Will add it to my feature request list for the other vendors.

In the meantime, guess I’ll garbage matte with Bezier splines since they’re so simple and loose.