Why Doesn't Preview Windows Show what I'm seeing?

Hi and thanks for the forum help. I’m new(ish) to BCC but very familiar with Avid Media Composer, whose Pan and Zoom (as you all know) stinks. I have watched a mess of tutorials on BCC PnZ but am experiencing issues with the “preview” screen in the upper right corner not showing me what the framing lines I can drag and manipulate seem to show - the blue window in the upper right doesn’t look anything like the punk aspect window I can resize and move to the desired Zoom image (I’m hoping the screenshot I dragged and dropped here shows up). Anyway, why doesn’t the Blue preview windows emulate exactly what I do with the pink resize window? Thanks for any advice!

So there are two things at work here that are leading to the confusion. The shape in the top left with the magenta border, which is Preview A or the start point of the animation, is showing you the image framing at the start of the effect. The preview box in the top right with the blue border is showing you the framing of the image at the current point in time, which is not at the start of the effect.

I hope this helps!


Another item that may be adding to the confusing is that it looks like you might have set some keyframes for the Pan and Zoom. However your “Workflow” menu is set to A-B Auto-Animation which is a mode that expects to autoanimate between a starting A point and the ending B point. If you add keyframes on top of that auto-animation it can cause unexpected motion. (For small adjustments it may actually be useful to add a little intentional “swoop” to the motion, but for starting out I wouldn’t recommend it.) If you want to animate via keyframes instead of the auto-animation, it would be best to change your Workflow menu to just “Transform A”.

Peter and JC - Thanks for the rapid input (I think alan chimed in, too…?). I was wondering about those vairable4… Will check on all my Workflow setting and maybe review even a few more tutorials. Am I correct in assuming that if I choose Workflow-A and drag the magenta border to an image size and place a keyframe there, then move the border to another area/size and keyframe again, this is the same as Avid Pan & Zoom’s telling (now Boris) to move here, then there, etc…? Is this not how I can use BCC for multiple move points within a single effect…? Many thanks again. Tom


Yes, if you want to use Continuum’s Pan and Zoom for multiple way points within a single effect, you should be able to choose Workflow A and then use keyframes for the controls in the Transforms group to move from one way point to another. One thing to be aware of is that it is good to make sure a keyframe is registered for each of the control points at each way point. E.g. at way point one, set a keyframe for Position A, Scale A, and Rotation A. Then at way point two set another keyframe for each of those params, even if some of them didn’t actually change at way point two. This ensures that if you animate one of those params at a later way point, you won’t change the intermediate way point since it will have the right keyframe locked down already.