Why is the RG Warp plugin required?

Ok, We talked to Mathias, the guy who wrote the mochaImport script and here is his response:

Hi, that is a misunderstanding.
I mean that as soon as a clip has perspective changes, you should use Mocha corner pin data and not translation/scale/rotation data.

The statement “better results with RG Warp if distortion is present” that I make in the 3-minutes intro video to MochaImport is just for the situation where you want to create a stabilized/undistorted precomp (and that’s the function that the video is showcasing).

If you want to create such a precomp with MochaImport, you have two options:
Either do it with translation/scale/rotation data or use the RG warp undistort precomp function. Hence for this precomp stuff I recommend RG warp in the presence of perspective distortion. You can’t do this stabilized precomp stuff with the AE corner pin, since it requires some inverse pinning. But if you don’t want to create a stabilized precomp but just a simple corner pin, the AE corner pin is just as fine as RG warp or CC Power Pin.

So the correct statement is not “RG corner pin is better than AE corner pin for perspective distortion” but
“In MochaImport, the ‘RG warp undistort precomp’ function is better than the ‘stabilize precomp’ function if perspective distortion is present”.


So - to clarify, if you want to do an inverse stabilization of perspective moves using mochaImport, you do need RG Warp. For standard perspective match moving, it is not necessary - although the render quality and source pin functionality make it desirable.

I hope this clears it up for you. :wink: Imagineer does the tracking and how you want to use the data is up to you!

Hi, I use the Mocha Import Script from Mathias Möhl quite a lot, since simple copy and paste is too buggy in my setting: Vista64, AECS4, MochaV2.

However, I just updated to MochaAE V2 und now cannot use the RG Warp Corner Pin anymore. The exported data is not compatible. As it seems, the data which was formerly completely in the pin point data, is now split into layer transform data and the corner pins. I guess that is because of the motion blur compatibility.

Right now, I use a workaround with pasting the transform data onto a null, the pin data onto the target layer and then parent them together.

However this is not satisfying and obvisously quick and dirty. Is there going to be a compatibility update for the RG Warp with Mocha AE V2?

Best regards,

Can anyone explain if Version2 requires always for perspective footage the $199 “Red Giant Warp plugin”?

Your Mocha AE description write:

…position, scale, rotation, shear and perspective matched tracks…
—End Quote—
Does Mocha for AE don’t compensated perspective distortion for advanced Corner Pins?

This Video describe at the end the problem: http://blip.tv/file/2446195

(MochaImport = MochaImport+ V6 - aescripts + aeplugins - aescripts.com)


Thanks for reply, but you don’t tell the truth about perspective distortion :o

Deal with the limitations, means editing/rotating tracking data by hand to get undistorted results :rolleyes: which is impossible in the shots shown on the video above (see screenshot).

Also, all Tutorials for mocha AE on this site have “curiously” NO perspective changes :slight_smile:

Image: http://www.abload.de/img/mocha_perspectivegulq.jpg

So my question again: does Mocha AE work 100% with perspective matched tracks without RG Warp?


I am still waiting on a reply :rolleyes:

Okay - thanks i don’t understand all of this response about the render quality, i will just test 2D perspective distortion myself.

No, mocha for AE does not require Red Giant Warp for corner pin perspective and there are many mocha for AE users that do not have it.

The warp plug-in does give you some great added functionality with a 2nd set of pin handles for the source, but if you are an experienced AE user, there are lots of ways to deal with the limitations of the actual corner pin effect.


Yes, we will create a point release that adds RG Warp support in mocha for AEv2. This should happen in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, if you are an Adobe CS4 owner and wish to use RG Warp, it is no problem to have mocha for AEv1 and v2 on the same machine.