Why no new beta's

I have also asked support, we have now red crosses because it is the end of the beta program. But we have no new update’s And not a completed version.
I a have bought the newest version 2021 in November last year but there is still no sign of it. And others version of Continuum are on 2021.5
Please tell us something and release a new beta version so we can test it and go further with our work. I only want to put in the seal number (which I van) when the final release is there.

Hi Sjoerd,

The public beta program for Continuum FxPlug has reached the end of it’s planned cycle and we expect to release the retail version of the product next week.

If necessary, we can certainly extend the public beta license for another few weeks to provide full coverage over the period between the end of the beta software and the arrival of the new retail version of Continuum FxPlug.

The release version of Continuum 2021 for FxPlug will differ from previous versions in that it will be able to co-exist with older retail versions of Continuum. This change will enable editors that have used previous versions of Continuum in their FCP projects to bring these projects forward and continue working with them while still having access to the new BCC+ filter set.


Hey there. How do we go about getting an extended license for the Public Beta? I have some current projects using some BCC filters that I’d like to wrap up before the retail version comes out. I messaged support but didn’t even get an automated response.

Thanks so much!

Continuum 2021.5 for FCP is officially released as of yesterday! The final installers can be downloaded from the Boris FX website: Boris FX | CONTINUUM FCP 2021

It is important to note that the final version went through some major architectural changes since the time of the last public beta in order to support the latest FxPlug4 plugin API. This unfortunately means that projects created with the public version will in many cases not come forward to the official release, and we recommend that any projects started with the beta version be finished with the beta version and then archived. Note that if you have a license for the new, full version, it should also work for licensing the beta version as needed while wrapping up. Also note that the full 2021.5 release version includes only the “BCC+” group of filters since these are now fully optimized for use with the latest FCP architectural requirements. If desired you can install the older 2020.5 version side-by-side with the 2021.5 version and this will make the older templates available for use, but only the newer “BCC+” 2021.5 filters are fully positioned to take advantage of the latest FCP architectural features moving forward.


I am sorry I see only. version 2020.5 for FCP at the link of ‘jclement’ when I click on download I see a list and there is only (for fop) 2020.5


It seems the text issn’t right, when download it is 2021.5 So where is 2020.5 so we can Install side by side as you suggested

I have installeer the New version. I did perform a uninstall for the Beta version.
When I look in to the BCC filters there are still non ‘+’ filters and when I just skim over them or apply en them the simply don’t work (no image show’s up) Example BBC Art Looks > BBC Artists Poster. Do we have to Install 2020.5? but where can I download that version. (I had 2019.5)


As you pointed out the text label on the downloads page is wrong. It says 2020.5 when it is actually the 2021.5 installer. We will get that fixed.

The installer for the 2020.5 version is on our legacy downloads page:

It sounds like there are older templates being left in place by the beta uninstaller. At this point to be sure you have a clean setup I would recommend this:
-Uninstall any versions you have
-Manually delete any BCC templates from Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro/Templates just to be sure nothing got left behind by the beta installer.
-Install the 2020.5 version first
-Install the 2021.5 installer second

Does that work for you?


Thanks (update is late, a some one in the family past away) It is working perfect and extremely fast I love it. I assume that all the filters without the + are the plugins for 2020.
After deinstall (I found template BCC from former versions like BCC 8).
I installed 2020.5 put in the registration. Then installed 2021.5 and did not have to put in the registration, I assume this is normal?

Glad to hear this is working well for you! Yes, the FxPlug filters without the “+” symbol in the name are from the Continuum 2020.5 package and the ones with the “+” are from the newer 2021.5 package. A license for 2021.5 will also work for the older 2020.5 version so what you are seeing is expected.