Why the black line?

Why am i able to paint a black line that looks present at the edge of the frame? Isn’t it supposed to be invisible? This happens for all videos i have worked on.

Here. This is a video that show what I’m talking about.

Does the image have an alpha? Could it be pulling in some sort of transparency from the edge?

Video cameras have vertical and horizontal blanking areas on the edges of the screen that display as a black line. Resize the image by 1 or 2 pixels and the dark line will disappear.



Ok thanks I’ll try it

Oh sorry. Which image sequence do you think is the best? Openexr, dpx, jpeg, png, tiff or iff?

The format you choose would depend on the bit depth of your footage. If 8 bit, select SGI, JPG with no compression or PNG . If 16 or 32 bit float, choose EXR.

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Thanks a lot

But sadly, the black line still shows after resizing with transform node

Hmm. I can’t reproduce with my footage. If you send me a short clip that shows the problem, I will take a look.