Why trembling my removing part?


I want to remove this bulge. But when I try to remove it is trembling as it is in gif.
Please help me.
Thank you.

It looks like you need to paint a clean plate. When the object that you want to remove is on the same plane as your track, this means there are no clean frames in your shot. I suggest looking for tutorials that cover “clean plates”:

Make sure to “use clean plates exclusively” and possibly illumination>linear will help.

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Are you using illumination modeling set onto interpolate?

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Thanks your interest rosss and maryp.

I am sure to click ‘‘use clean plates exclusively’’ and interpolate.
I watched so many tutorials for this. I’ve made the same settings as your tutorial videos, but the part of removing is trembling in my video.
I’m gonna crazy :slight_smile:


Hi there,

The reason you’re getting unusual results is the shadow passing over your remove. Interpolate is pulling that shadow color into your solve. Instead, you will need to use no illumination modeling (none) and match the color by hand in a final composite in Nuke or AE if necessary. You will also need to roto the shadow back over the top if you can’t get away with simply feathering the edges. You can see that workflow in our latest remove webinar. Boris FX | Videos

Sorry for the late reply, I was out on vacation.


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Thank you so mıch Marry.