Why won't this easy shot lockdown

Hey mocha,

Been having trouble with a track, just wanted to see if anyone could figure it out. I’ve tried tracking various combinations of the ground plane, the body and the window on the building bg and have tracked everything up to perspective on specific tracks and various combinations of that data in the stabilize menu,but I can’t ever seem to get the shot to lockdown in a satisfying way.

It’s not complicated. Maybe I’m just bad at stabilization, though I’ve used mocha pro many times for tracking and haven’t had issues.

If anyone had any suggestions, it would be appreciated. Ask for more info if you need.

Link: - YouTube

I can’t see anything in particular that would stop that shot from locking down. As you say, it’s a very, very easy shot.

What settings are you using in the stabilize module? Can you post a screen grab?

Tracking the body was among the better tracks that I got to try and achieve the lockdown. I just tracked translation and scale because I didn’t think there was any rotation, shear or perspective data, and using the data when I did track it just never gave me a good result.

I’ve tracked the ground beneath and the window on the building in the bg as well, alone and isolated. Also tried maximum smoothening and reducing the # of frames smoothed. I just deleted the tracking data when I kind of sit back farther to get rid of the bump there, but I could have made keyframes in mocha to handle it as well.


Maybe there’s something I’m missing.

Sorry, I can’t see what setting you’ve added to stabilize as you don’t have the layer selected. Can you re-snap?

Tracking the person is not ideal if you are planning to lock down the camera, as he is moving. Something static is better.

Of course you can lock down the shot based on his movement if you prefer, which may look nice.

I used the settings listed beneath, that aren’t selected (x and y translation and just 10 frames of smoothening.)

I know tracking the body isn’t ideal but I just wasn’t getting good results from the ground plane.

Nothings really been looking acceptable to me. Kind of lost here.

Can you send me the project please: martinb[at]imagineersystems.com

Sent martin