Wide Lines VERY Blocky

I’m really hoping I’m simply doing something wrong here and this isn’t intended behavior. When using larger line widths, the lines render as blocks instead of lines. It REALLY looks like crap.
This IS my first go at experimenting with the new features, so it’s rather likely I’m doing something wrong. Hopefully.
Here is a video showing what I mean: Particle Illusion 2021 - Wide Lines Render As Blocks - YouTube

And this attached file is the project file that created it:
Hmm Interesting 3D Lines Stuff.zip (5.8 KB)

This is working as intended. As you stated, you set the line width very high. Since the particles in your project are not that far apart from each other, the lines width is greater than the line length, so you are getting “blocks”.

If you want them to look more like lines either decrease the line width or add more velocity to the particles (or something) to make them farther apart.

Note that in the Emitters_2021 library, most of the emitters that use lines have quite small “width” values.