Wierd BUG

(X) Unable to register clip: clip name already used

This is what I did.

1.) Started a new project and rotoed that project

2.) Saved the name as 134-A_SER1_NewPlate_TruckMatte_Roto_v01_DH

3.) I then re-saved the name again (because I needed mattes rendered separately) as 134-A_SER1_NewPlate_TruckMatte_Blocks_Roto_v01_DH

4.) I rendered out 134-A_SER1_NewPlate_TruckMatte_Blocks_Roto_v01_DH immediately.

5.) I shut down Motor

6.) I re-launched Motor

7.) I then tried to reopen 134-A_SER1_NewPlate_TruckMatte_Roto_v01_DH so I could render it out.

NOW I get the error (X) Unable to register clip: clip name already used. I can’t open neither 134-A_SER1_NewPlate_TruckMatte_Roto_v01_DH nor 134-A_SER1_NewPlate_TruckMatte_Blocks_Roto_v01_DH

Need some help on this one,

Ok so it looks like the project file has corrupted tracking data, which is
compressed binary data to avoid the project files getting too large. My temp dir (which defaults to your C: drive) filled up and KILLED my work.

This is very VERY bad! If I have to worry about a temp dir that I can’t control (unless I put it on the network (which would not be good sense temp files have easily been reaching 18+ GIGS for me)) it becomes too dangerous for me to work in this program. I lost a full days work on this one guys and now am forced to redo the shot. Late shots + clients don’t mix.

Until these destructive BUGS are fixed I can’t work in this program.

Sorry guys,

—Quote (Originally by dartayous)—
3.) I then re-saved the name again (because I needed mattes rendered separately) as 134-A_SER1_NewPlate_TruckMatte_Blocks_Roto_v01_DH

—End Quote—

Please clarify why you “re-saved” the file with a different file name, just to be able to render out seperate mattes?

Could you not just select the appropriate mattes via Save Clip?

There were two problems with Dartayous’s project:

1 “Unable to register clip: clip name already used”

This is due to a bug that is revealed if you delete a layer and later create another layer with the same name. The garbage matte clips for both layers are created with the same names, causing motor to reject the file when it tries to reload it. This bug has been fixed for future updates, and there is a workaround to fix project files that have this problem:

Open the project file in a text editor.
Look for entries that look like

“Inner Matte for xxx”
“Outer Matte for xxx”
“Inner Matte (no masking) for xxx”
“Outer Matte (no masking) for xxx”

Where xxx is a layer name. These names define the garbage matte clips for each layer. With the problem files there will be two entries for one or all of these matte types for one or more layer xxx. Change the names of all the repeated entries to avoid the duplicates. For instance, add “1” to the first repetition of each clip and “2” to the second. Then you should be able to load the file.

The second problem is more serious, and usually signifies bad binary tracking data:

2 “Error occured while reading SBM from file”

The most likely cause of this, as Dartayous says, is filling up the disk used for cache files, mostly the garbage matte clips. This is because the cache area is used for temporary files used to build the binary tracking data. If it fills up then the binary (“SBM”) data can be corrupted.

I was able to save some of the project in this case, but clearly not enough, is that right Dartayous?

The binary tracking data part of the project file is being eliminated as part of the revisions in the next version of motor, so this problem will go away. In the meantime, it would be best to monitor the state of your cache disk, especially for large projects, and if necessary free space to prevent this happening.