Wiggly woman

The note is to add some bruises to her backside, on her upper legs.

The challenge that I’m finding is that her skin is so smooth, I can’t track anything. There’s not a freckle or mole or blemish. I can track her butt, I’ve got a solid shape there, but it doesn’t always match the roll and twist of her legs.

The sample is only 5 seconds but the whole scene is 30


Thanks everyone


WWMPD! HAH! Do you have the BCC tools? I might try applying a magic sharp over the top to really bring out details, or use the BCC beauty studio tool and pull everything into negative values to get more texture, and rendering that out and using that as my tracking clip. If there’s no texture, you really have to find ways to bring it out. Color correction, sharpening, etc. Boris FX | Continuum 2022 (Image Restoration Tools)

Can you try that and let me know? Also, try tracking as much of the leg as possible. If necessary, you can animate the grid warp tool to cheat (hand animate) inside the insert module for whatever looks like it is drifting.


I did something like that one time when I had to track a white car against a white background.

I don’t have the BBC tools, but I have AE. I’ll try that. I can sharpen and mess with the contrast.

Sure thing, the reason I recommend Beauty Studio is it does a frequency separation that is really effective. You can always just try a trial. :wink:

Thanks Mary. I’ll check it out.

This scene is a freebie for a film fest, so I can’t justify the cost against a client or project.