Wild Cards Alternate Faces

Alternate face 1-5 group is not appearing in BCC11 Wildcard menu
Where can I access it?

Hi, Thomas,

The alternate face options are not supported in all hosts, especially some OFX hosts. Which host application are you using?

Sony Vegas Pro 15

Thank you for your prompt response, was looking to replicate the window wall effect from Kevin Mcauliffe’s tutorial for BCC8 for Avid

Unfortunately Vegas only supports a max of two simultaneous layers. In order to even get access to two layers you need to apply Wild Cards in a special way in Vegas. You must apply it as a Custom Compositing Mode for an entire track which will then give the filter access to both the current layer as well as the layer below it in the timeline which will be available in the effect UI as Source A and Source B. This is an awkward workflow but it does give you access to a second layer (as opposed to applying as a simple Event FX in Vegas where you don’t get access to the second layer at all).