Will we be able to do this?


We’re shooting something in a couple of weeks where we need to create a continuous track that appears to be 150ft long, but is made up of 14 x 60ft tracks composited inside each other.

The animatic is here http://vimeo.com/70469750

This is in 3D so the kind of cheats that one could use in 2D wouldn’t work.

We’ve kind of convinced ourselves we need motion control, but that’s proving to be hideously expensive and I’m wondering if we can live without it. If we were to manually move the dolly at a reasonably consistent speed can we ‘fix’ this in Mocha?

Imagine if the beginning of each track were zoomed out to 90% which then would zoom to 100% over the shot. To smooth out the track would just mean somehow determining the correct amount of zoom for each frame, would it not? The duration wouldn’t need ‘fixing’, just the amount of zoom.

I hope that makes sense.


Thanks. :wink:

Thanks Martin. :wink:

That sounds about right. On each shot we’d set one frame at the beginning of the track and one at end at a fixed time period apart. We’d adjust the scaling of the end points of each track so they all would appear to move the same distance in the same period of time. The task then is to smooth out each shot by adjusting the scaling of the intermediate frames between the start and end.

A little bit of zoom would be added to the shot overall anyway, so the total effect is no more than adjusting how much the scaling is for each frame. Voila! Smooth matching tracks :slight_smile:

Is my logic sound? (Sometimes when you’re beavering away on your own you get these Eureka moments where you’ve missed something important) Can Mocha do this? Seems like it.

We should be including lots of tracking markers right? Any tips on those?

I I understand the sequence correctly, we can stabilise each shot by tracking the shots and letting you set certain frames you don’t want to be adjusted, but you might need to do a test to see if it is going to fit your purposes.

Tracking markers are only necessary if you don’t have enough texture detail in the shots to track. It can’t hurt, but if you have more than just flat featureless walls in the shots you may be able to get away without having the markers.

Mocha only requires that you have a trackable plane in the shot, as we don’t track points like a feature tracker does.

Since you appear to be using mirrors however, you will have to avoid the reflections, as mocha treats reflections as separate planes.