Wipes in Vegas Pro - Wipe On?

So I have a graphic in a layer “above” a video layer.

If I drop a BCC wipe onto that graphic, on playback, the graphic appears, then wipes off.

If I select “Invert”, the direction of the wipe reverses, but not the nature (eg, the wipe motion flips, but it still appears then wipes off.)

How do I reverse the wipe, so it wipes on? (Starts off not visible then the wipe reveals it?)

There are two approaches that should work for you.

You can apply a real “Transition” effect from Vegas’s transition palette as a one-sided transition to just the front edge of the graphic. As a one-sided wipe this would transition between “nothing” and the graphic - so it would wipe on automatically

Alternatively you could apply a wipe effect from the Video Event Fx palette to the graphic. Then you need to change the Animation menu near the top of the effect from Auto to Manual. You can then keyframe the Percent Done slider manually so that the graphic wipes on and holds.


I thought “transitions” had to be applied to the overlap area between two events on the same channel - but I’ll take a look.

Any chance of us getting a “wipe on/wipe off” toggle on future versions of wipes?

Well I’ll be dammed. Drag the transition to the very edge and it works. TIL.

I still want that “wipe on/wipe off” checkbox though. :slight_smile: