Wire removal with moving background

Heya! So I’m trying to remove this wire. The background moves as does the camera. I’ve been trying to use the remove module and have 5 clean plates ready to go. I’m not having much luck and have had a few crashes. I’m using After Effects with the Mocha Pro 14 day demo. Help Please!

I need more information but it’s most likely your GPU being incompatible. Try turning your GPU off under Mocha>File>Preferences in the GPU tab. You want to make sure the GPU processing is not checked, and then save, close, and restart your host (AE).

If that doesn’t work… What does your crash log say under Mocha>Help>View Log?

MARY! Ahhh well all I’ve got is integrated graphics (macbook pro 13"). I turned off GPU per your recommendation and WOW. MUCH BETTER. I’m going to try on a windows machine with an Nvidia mx150 which I know is not ideal but I can test with dedicated graphics.

Sep 02 17:53:17 (mochaPro_plugin) Device:
Sep 02 17:53:17 (mochaPro_plugin) Name: Intel(R) Iris™ Plus Graphics 650 (display)
Sep 02 17:53:17 (mochaPro_plugin) Available for remove: no (Apple OpenCL driver crashes during Remove rendering)

It looks like I was importing my cleanplates incorrectly perhaps?

Sep 02 17:39:13 (mochaPro_plugin) Image Router: isl0::QString ISI_ImageIO_Router::uriForFile(const isl0::QString &, bool, bool) const. failed to get URI for the file. Failed to open file ‘/var/tmp/MoTempBCC/Remove_Input.tif’: file not found

Sep 02 17:38:22 (mochaPro_plugin) ===> Assertion Failed
Sep 02 17:38:22 (mochaPro_plugin) File:FrameManager/LCAM_CacheManager.cpp:3415:
Sep 02 17:38:22 (mochaPro_plugin) Context: clip.baseClipID() == clipToCopy.baseClipID || ( baseClipInfo.masterTimelineClipID() != 0 && paramMgr()->eGetBaseClipID( baseClipInfo.masterTimelineClipID()) == clipToCopy.baseClipID )
Sep 02 17:38:22 (mochaPro_plugin) Message: CacheManager: Inconsistent clips in getSrcImage()
Sep 02 17:39:02 (mochaPro_plugin) ===> Operation failed

This is one damn neat piece of software. Thank You. You’re awesome.

Thanks, I am happy to help! Glad you got that sorted out. :slight_smile: