Wire Remover


I’m trying to find tutorials on using the BCC Wire Remover effect, searching here it seems that it has been problematic. I’m using Continuum with Avid.
Reading the docs on this is not clear. For instance it refers to a Track on the Fly option when setting up the endpoints for tracking… where is this? How does it work? Surely there has to be an easier way than having to keyframe and manually move frame by frame…

Hi There,

Well the Wire Remover tutorial that you’re referring to is rather old - the track-on-the-fly refers to the older point tracking system that was included with older BCC filters in the Avid host environment.

The current BCC Wire Remover filter uses Mocha for tracking the end points of the wire and it’s a far more robust tracking solution that the older point trackers that we used to use. We replaced the old point trackers with Mocha back in Continuum v.10 - current Continuum version is v.15.

I don’t think there are any specific tutorials that directly target use of the BCC Wire Remover filter but essentially you need to set the end points in the filter so that the wire is covered, then use the integrated Mocha tracking system to track the end points into the clip so that the wire is removed across all frames. Then set the clone center offset so that the wire is covered by similar background pixels from another region in the shot.

The BCC Remover filter is also quite useful for removing unwanted elements from a shot and includes an in-painting option as well as standard pixel cloning.

And, of course, the ultimate solution for this is to do all of this work in either Mocha Pro or Silhouette, which were designed from the ground up to handle this type of work.


Thank you Peter

I have trouble tracking the wires - usually fast action so lots of motion blur and some of the wires on the harnesses are not nice and taut which makes it hard to cover nicely. I need to manually track frame by frame. Painful.
The production won’t give me Mocha Pro or Silhouette unfortunately…

But I will soldier on, thanks for the tips. And yes I do find that the Remover filter is very useful and have started to use it in conjunction with the Wire Remover filter.

Corné Gildenhuys