Witness protection + Vegas Pro = bad rendering context?

I’ve been using Particle Illusion and Silhouette a fair amount with the built in Mocha and hadn’t seen this tracking problem before so I thought I’d mention it here.

Went to use WP and after tracking a few frames of a short clip, mocha complained about dark frames and stopped tracking. Scrolling through the timeline shows that mocha renders some of the frames completely black. If I cancel back to VP, it now has trouble rendering that same clip and I have to restart VP. Also tried rebooting in case it’s a lingering issue at the gpu level after the two products get things out of sync. No change in behavior.

Thinking that maybe continuum was having problem tracking with a 4k clip (unlikely, but it’s a variable) I created a 720 proxy and tracked with that. Things went fine from about 25% all the way to the end.

The problem came back when I attempted to track backward from 25 to 0%. It got maybe 5 frames and then started rendering black frames. Canceling back to VP and it’s also in a bad state and had to be restarted.

Does this behavior sound familiar at all?

Lenovo Yoga 720 - Win 10 home, latest updates installed
Core i7-7700 2.8Ghz quad core, 8 logical
16G ram
Intel HD 630 gpu - driver
Nvidia GTX 1050 gpu - studio driver

New bug?

new bug? Would it be helpful for me to file a bug with Magix?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reporting this to us - I’d like to see if we can repro the issue on our systems but in order to do that we would need access to the clip that you’re using. Would it be possible for you to privately share that with us? If so you can send that to me at peterm@borisfx.com - rest assured that the clip would not be shared by us and would only be used to test this problem.

Crud. This may have become moot due to video driver updates. Since I originally encountered this I’ve updated GPUs with the latest drivers. In preparing both the file and a project for you, I tried to re-create the problem and have been completely unable to do so, even starting with fresh fx instances.

I’ll send you the video and project anyway.

I would prefer not to downgrade my drivers but if you need me to do that in order to get more info (debug logs, whatever) I will.

The new driver versions are:
Intel HD 630
Nvidia 1050

The upside to all of this Michael is that it’s working as expected for you now, which is excellent news!! I’ll still have our QA take a look at the files that you sent to see if we can reproduce the problem as described - thank you for sharing the files with us.

@PeterMcAuley Tis an upside. The offer stands for the driver downgrade if QA isn’t able to replicate