Witness protection with Mocha

Hi there,

I´m new to BCC. For years I have done “witness protection” with the Paint Tool inside Media Composer. But now the combination of Mocha and BCC Witness Protection seems to be more powerful - the substractiv mode of layers for example is great, but I´m missing one important thing, which is fun in the Paint Tool: the bias feathering plus and minus. In WP it only goes minus, so I often get rough edges and I have to correct the key frames in Mocha. Additional the feathering direct in WP and with Mocha behaves very different. Do I oversee something?

Thx Steve

Hi Steve,

The feathering for shapes in the Witness Protection filter is available in two separate places and each one behaves a little differently from the other.

In the WP host side control panel, there is a feather option. This is a global mask feathering and the setting used here affects all mask shapes used in the single instance of WP that you are working with.

In the Mocha custom UI accessed from within the WP filter, there is per vertex point feathering so each individual point in each shape can have a unique feather value.

Is this what you are looking for?


Yes Peter thx,

this is exactely what I´m looking for. The ´set´ button does the trick…, and the Uber Key does the rest…:smile: Premiere Users have a slight advantage: they can manipulate every layer outside of Mocha and they can see the results immediately, while we have to close and reopen the interface serveral times to get reasonable results…but this is another story. Thx Peter for your quick reply and it is a good opportunity for me to dive deeper into the manual over the public holidays.

Best regards Steve