Worflow question

Hi, I need to change the shirt color of a person being interviewed in a studio.
I succeeded in the first clip, but in the second clip he is gesturing with his hands in front of the shirt( quite rapidly so its motion-blurred at parts)

any tips would be much appreciated.
Best Regards Torbjörn

What’s your host application / NLE? Just wondering why you’re turning to Boris for this and not using a selective color-corrector in your host? (e.g. Vegas’s “secondary color corrector” would be a simple fix)

If you are trying to roto fast-moving hands with motion blur, there may be no other solution to doing so frame by frame roto work. For motion blur, use the edge width on Mocha spline.

Im using Davinci resolve and After effects.
I have been testing with the qualifier in Davinci but it didn’t work very well.

The model has got a white shirt filmed on a white backdrop so that complicate things. I guess I will have to spend the time to roto

White on white is unfortunately a rotoscoping situation every time.