Work flow for 3D camera solve from 360 video?


Anyone have a workflow for getting a 3D camera solve from tracking data? I have generated Remove tracking for 7 dolly shots, and would really like to deliver some camera solve assistance on a project.


Sorry to say that Mocha Pro does not support camera solve on 360 projects. For camera solves in 360 the main tools I would look at would be SynthEyes for native solver, or Canvas 360 which enables a workflow with the AE Camera Tracker.

If you already tracked the ground with Mocha, a trick we have used is to render an insert graphic on the surface then feed the result into your Camera Solve application/process. If the Mocha track is good, it can assist the solve process (if that makes sense).


Thanks for the feedback Ross. One of the guys on our production team had suggested using a null object in scene.


You can use the “Create track data” button on the plug-in side and apply it to AE Null layers, but the conversion to rectilinear will not be in 3D space so will probably not be useful for a 3D solve.