Work Range

Is there a quick way to set the work range in Silhouette to the place of the play head, like mark in and mark out? Some of my clips are quite long and it takes time to drag the work range to the location on the timeline.

@david4 Ctrl/Cmd-drag either or both ends of the work range gray bar on the top of the timeline to change the start and end frames. You can drag the new range as a whole by doing the same (Ctrl/Cmd-drag). To reset I usually just drag back the ends. Or if super long and I don’t remember the in and out frames I reference the footage listed in the Source node. You can also R-click on the gray timeline bar to toggle show or hide Show Work Range. Then you can see the frame numbers in the frame in/out boxes for either selection.

@david4 I think I misunderstood your question re: marking in and out. Not sure. You can set a marker with R-click on the timeline, but can’t jump to it? Maybe use the home and end keys?

I have been using Command Drag to the ends to set the in and out of the work range, but my clips are long enough that even after zooming out the timeline as far as it will go, the in and out of the timeline are not visible at the same time but takes scrolling to the end. Then moving the work range out point as far as it can in the visible display area. Next scroll and repeat until getting to the point on the clip to work on. The same has to be done for the work range in point.

I Thought there might be away to set work range when I am viewing the area of the clip that needs work instead of loosing the place and have to scroll the end of the timeline and take baby steps back to the place needing work. Something like a keyboard shortcut.

There is not a shortcut key to set workrange in and out points, but you can double-click in the Start Frame and End Frame fields of the Timebar and enter the desired frame numbers.

Tried it and it works. I appreciate your help. This will save me a lot of time. Thank you.