Workflow for applying track to AE layer - plugin

Is there a tutorial that shows a simple “apply Mocha track” to another layer in After Effects using the the new plugin? I can’t get the old workflow to work well. We use to export the tracking data (copy to clipboard), then paste it to a NULL object. Then parent the the desired layer to the NULL. With the plugin, it doesn’t seem to copy and paste. Is there a new workflow within the plugin? I see that you can create tracking data from the clips Mocha Pro effect, and then copy and paste to a null’s properties one at a time (or perhaps use an expression). All your new plugin Adobe tutorials show the pro render modules, but I don’t recall if any just address a simple track.

There’s not, but you just select the layer you want to create the data from and pick whip the values of the object to those values.

BUT! Your issue is probably that your clip is longer than your comp, simply “trim the comp to the work area” in AE and then relaunch mocha and I bet your data will line up.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.

Here’s my workflow for applying tracking data to a text layer in AE (as an example). See if this makes sense. First, let’s just talk about a clip that has no trimming involved. Using the plugin in AE, apply Mocha Pro plugin to a clip layer, select icon to open in Mocha, do the tracking, then quit Mocha. Once back inside AE:

Mocha Pro plugin: twirl Tracking Data open, then select the radio button “Create Track Data”
Select the GEAR next to desired layer and select OK. Now you see keyframes for all the tracking data.
Create a NULL OBJECT layer (to use as a controller)
In the NULL, create an expression for Position, Scale, Rotation. Use the pick whip in the expression to link to the clips Mocha Pro CENTER, SCALE X, ROTATION.
Parent the text layer to the NULL.

Is this the best way? Are you supposed to create tracking keyframes? Based on your answer, almost seems like there is another way? This works, but seems like a few extra steps compared to the old way of “copy to clipboard” tracking data from Mocha standalone, then just paste to the AE NULL (and removing the Anchor Point keyframes).

Now for a clip that is trimmed in the AE timeline:
When you do the above workflow, it creates keyframes that are offset…seems random…sometimes keyframes are blank, and start anywhere from about 4 frames to 32 frames offset (late), even if comp is set to work area or not. I have been solving this by selecting all keyframes and moving them to the trimmed beginning of the clip. Sometimes feels like it is off by a frame or two, and have to move them till it looks right. Questioning whether the first keyframe should really be lined up with the trimmed clip start, as Mocha seems to create extra keyframes at the end of the trim…I am assuming Mocha is just making extra keyframes at the end?

Would love to see in the future a tracking data with trimmed clips workflow tutorial!

Yes, that’s a workflow you can use. You could just parent the text to the tracking data instead of the text to the null to the tracking data, but copy and paste is pretty simple too. It depends on your preference. Please note, in copy paste for nulls, you’re looking for the transform data export, not the corner pin. It’s really going to depend on your preferences, not a “right way” or a “wrong way.”

If you need perspective data on your test, you need to use a corner pin workflow.

Mocha should not be making extra keyframes, what is likely happening is that the whole clip is coming into mocha when you trim it, which is why I suggest trimming to the work area. I might make a tutorial on this soon, I can see it causes some confusion.

If you have any more questions, please let me know.