Workflow for Plug-In Version and Dissolves

Can someone suggest their workflow (or work-around) when using Mocha Pro as a plug-in inside Premiere (or probably any other NLE) when you’re doing 2 or 3 insert shots in a row and you want to dissolve from one to the next?

When I apply the dissolves, The plug-in doesn’t load the extra few frames at the start and end. When I only have one effect shot, I set the transition at the head to begin right on the cut (and the tail to end on the cut) but when you’re doing multiple ones in succession, you can’t do it that way.


Probably the best solution is to overlap your shots on V1, V2 etc - old style, with enough handles on either side and do the Mocha work before adding the transitions.

So you would pull up the shot to a new track (or copy/paste), extend the handles, then do the Mocha work.