Workflow for removing many objects in a shot

Hi all,

I’m not really seeing anything in my searches for how to remove several things from a shot at the same time. The tutorials I’m seeing cover removing one thing at a time.

The shot I’m working with needs road lines and several signs removed.



I recently removed several elements from a single video. Once I removed my first object using mocha tracking in AE, I exported the clip and re-imported the modified clip and then continued to remove the second object. I kept repeating this process until all elements were successfully removed. Hope that helps! Please let me know how everything works out.

We do this all the time, we use the Avid plugin, so we try not to do
export+import as this will lead to degradation of quality. We use the same
shot and add Mocha layers in Avid sometime use BCC remove using the mocha
engine. the key is not render until all removals are done. Then render just
the top layer and that handles everything.

Option 2 is have multiple removals inside mocha, just add layers.


That’s actually a really clever solve.

The issue for me is that I’m a little gun shy of the Mocha plugin. It’s not very stable on my system (MacPro trashcan 12-core, El Cap) and autosave is pretty unreliable at the moment. I’ve lost too much work to Mocha plugin crashes to trust it.

Maybe if the Mocha dev team can figure out a way to autosave both the plugin and the host application while the plugin is open, I might be more inclined to use it.