Workflow | keyboard shortcuts

Altough Optics has some keyboard shortcuts ( i read the manual ) but in general Optics is a very mouse focused application.
Mouse clicking and dragging as a repetitive task should be limited as much as possible.
You can’t replace every actions by a keyboard shortcut like drawing for example but so many other repetitive tasks always benefit from keyboard shortcuts.

  1. having to move your mouse to click on the search bar should not be needed.
    When a user already knows what to add next, this proces should be as quick as possible meaning and should not require a mouse actions.

Think about Alfred, Apple spotlight or any node based compositing/ 3d application.
You hit a keyboard shortcut like option + spacebar, start typing 2 letters , hit enter and you are ready to go.

The search command should have a keyboard shortcut and it should be centered on the screen. Please consider navigation, eye and mouse cursor movement and repetitive strain caused by mouse usage.
Any creative application that requires so much repetitive actions to get stuff done should not be so focused on mouse usage. A mouse has advantages for certain type of actions/interactions, but it can be just as painfully slow for others.

  1. favorites are great but for favorites to be efficient it would be nice to simply have a favorites window that shows tabs of all the effect groups and in every effects group tab all favorites are shown. all nicely on the same spot.

  2. if i have 10 layers, i would like to map f1 to f10 to directly selecting those layers. or 1 to 0.

  3. adding a specific mask type should have a keyboard shortcut. repetitive navigational actions need keyboard shortcuts.

In general there are tons of functions in Boris Optics that would benefit from keyboard shortcuts/ and therefor it will improve ergonomics, speed and workflow. ( aka even more fun to use )

thank you for consideration!


Paul, thanks for your thoughtful feature suggestions. The team will certainly log and consider.