Workflow question


I am working on a shot that has 3 different things that need to be done to it. The shot starts on a CU face and dollies back to reveal a ws of the man sitting at the head of the table and on either side of the table are people seated. Firstly, I used Mocha to stabilize the bumpy shot - it looks great now. The people on either side of the table were moving when they were suppose to be still. I exported the last frame (great still frame of the right side of table - not for left side though) and imported it back in and inserted back into the right tracking that I did and the people on the right side are now still and it tracked in seamlessly (looks great -the stillness works well since it is part of a dream sequence). But I am having trouble when I import a frame for fixing the left to freeze the people. When I bring in the other frame (having the left track selected) my right tracking work disappears. I locked the right side, but it does not seem to help.

I should be able to do all three processes in the same Mocha project, right? Or is it better to export the track data in each instance and bring it into another software? Since I am using Avid, I also tried doing each step separately. That is 1st do the stabilize and render in Avid. The option drag and drop another Mocha effect onto of the Mocha stabilize effect sitting on the clip. I launched Mocha and did the right side track and insert of the people (worked great). Then I rendered it in avid. I tried option dragging another Mocha onto the 2 exitsting mocha effects to work on the left side only, but when Mocha launches the rendered Mocha of the right side people are gone.

Should It be best to do all 3 things in the same Mocha pro launch from Avid or should I be exporting the data to EA for best results or should the avid - option drag work and for some reason it is not working in avid.

Sorry I can not supply the shot, since we are in the middle of production.

Love this software. I have a lot to learn and am really enjoying the learning process. The tutorials are great.

Thank you in advance for any advice on how best to approach / tackle this shot.



When rendering in Insert, do you have both cogs on for the individual layers you have the inserts applied?

To be clear, are you:

  1. Rendering a stabilize
  2. Inserting in one right-side layer
  3. Inserting in one left-side layer


Thank you. that was it. I just stabilized and also inserted the right and left side in the same mocha project.