Working with motion blur in mocha pro

Hello all! so I have been working with mocha pro and recently started to work on footages with motion blur, I have seen tutorials on this topic in nuke and silhouette but not tutorials in mocha pro.
how do I preview motion blur in the mocha pro window?

and more information on this topic would be appreciated!

Version number: Mocha pro 2021 8.0.3


You can enable Motion Blur for the layer under the Layer Properties, It will be automatically calculated based on your tracking data. To preview the result - you can select the needed Matte in the drop-down menu in the In the View Controls panel, as shown on first screenshot.

Or, if you would like to make precise corrections and draw your Motion Blur manually, you can select Pick Edge tool, and control the blurriness of the edge by editing the shape as shown in the video.

Hope this made things a bit more clear for you!

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Yes it did! but how do u view mattes for selected layers or a group of layers or all?

You can Enable/Disable Mattes visibility by hitting Alt+1, and mattes will be shown for all the layers that are selected in the Layers list.

Ahh thank you!

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