Working with Wacom stylus very slow and buggy


I have Silhouette paint OFX running in Resolve/Fusion and after doing like 100 strokes it’s becoming supper laggy and jittery with my Wacom Stylus. When I switch to my mouse it works fine.

What’s happening here? This must be a bug

and then I often get a “bad allocation” error and silhouette shuts down completely

The amount of strokes will not slow Silhouette down. When a stroke is completed it is immediately rendered to disk.

If you close the Silhouette project and re-open, are you still experiencing lagging?

What OS/version are you running?

What type of Wacom tablet are you using?


I am using the latest Windows 10 with Intel 9900K, an RTX 3080 and an RTX 2070, 64 gigs of Ram and all the Data on a 2TB Samsung 980 pro m.2 NVME.

When I reopen the project I am experienceing exactly the same behaviour.


What type of Wacom tablet are you using?

If you create a new Silhouette project, can you let me know if you experience the laggy behavior immediately?

I’m using an Intous Pro M PTH-651. I am experiencing this only when working longer on a project. Sometimes even when I am in the same Fusion comp and then place a new silhouette node with new silhouette project but never right from the start.

In the Wacom Tablet Properties, can you turn off Use Windows Ink and see if that makes a difference? If you are using multiple pens, be sure to do this for all pens.