Wrong color after import

Could use some help!

When i import an image to Optics
either from Capture One (with the edit with dialog)
or open the same image in the Optics standalone version.
I get wrong color!

The images seem to be too saturated. No matter what icc color profile i use.
Also the RAW RAF files (i use a fuji XT-4 ) look very different than the ones inside capture one
or the finder.

But when i edit them from inside Photoshop or from Affinity Photo, everything is perfect!
And all colors are transferred correctly…!!!

So what do i get wrong?

Any help appreciated…

pic from inside capture one

pic from inside Optics

Oh and by the way.
When i export the file from Optics (without any alteration of course)
it looks identical to the capture one image!

so it´s only the wrong internal display of the image.

To be clear, if you apply Optics in Photoshop, the colors are correct in the Optics interface?

Photoshop and Affinity Photo seem to handle it

Can you send me a private message with a download link to the original image so I can test with it?


On my machine, here’s a side by side between PS and the Optics SA. They are identical.

Here’s a side by side of PS and the Optics plug-in. They are also identical.

The Tiff file you sent me has a sRGB color profile which is the same as what Optics uses.

A couple of things:

  • When using the Photoshop plug-in, Optics uses Photoshops’s color management,
  • When using the Optics standalone, Optics uses it’s own color management.
  • I would expect to see a difference in loading the Raw file in Optics compared to Capture One or Photoshop as the programs use different RAW libraries.

I am not sure why you are not seeing a match.

hey marco,

thanks for looking at it …

i don´t get it… but every image i open in the standalone version looks different.
especially the reds and greens…
and it doesn´t matter what kind of color profile i use…

very strange… it seems that only the plug in version works for me!!!

thanks again… i keep searching for the answer

i checked on my other mac 2012 (catalina)
everything is fine there…
so it´s only on my newer macbook 2019 (big sur)

is there anything different in the color management between big sur and catalina?
Did you tested it on big sur?

still hoping to find the cause :wink:

The color management library used in the Optics standalone is the same on different Mac OS’s.

Hey there,

sadly, i haven´t found any solution to this problem…
so it seems that the standalone version is pretty much useless for me right now.

still hoping to find a solution though!!
as this is a great piece of software…

When opening the image in the Standalone when you see incorrect colors, is this opening it from the tiff file you sent me or from Capture One?

Are you running any 3rd party monitor calibration software?

In the Mac Display > Color > Display Profile preference, what color profile do you have selected?

Do you know of any difference between your old and new Mac that my causing the issue?

yes from the tiff file i sent you. but it doesn´t matter as both ways look wrong

i had my display calibrated for use with davinci resolve, but now i run it on the default colour lcd profile for mac…
i use an external calibrated monitor for reference and
there is no additional software running in the background!

the only difference i know is the OS…

i don´t get it ?!?!?
and i seem to be the only one who has this kind of problem… :scream:

thanks for the support anyway :pray:

Just to let you know…

I reinstalled BigSur and Optics and still no change!
I can only make it work from inside Photoshop.

still searching for an answer :wink:

I suggest filing a support ticket here: Boris FX | Open a Case
Someone will most likely need to do a remote session on your machine.

Ok. Did it


Is there any update on this, @marco? I’m seeing the same issue while currently trialing Optics v2021.2.1. I would like to see this resolved before purchasing. I’m a former Tiffen DFX user and did not encounter this issue before.

I’m creating a 16-bit Tiff out of CaptureOne with AdobeRGB (1998) color profile but as OP said, the image opened in Optics Standalone is heavily saturated. It doesn’t seem to properly display the color profile. It does however seem to recognize that it’s there because when I save as a Tiff again, it suggests embedding the existing color profile, which is the original AdobeRGB (1998). But once saved (despite having applied no edits in Optics), the file ends up having no color profile at all. It also looks heavily desaturated, more than the original CaptureOne file.

I hope there is a resolution for this, otherwise this would be a dealbreaker for me.

This issue cropped up in macOS 10.16 as a result of some underlying color management change. We plan on addressing this in the Optics 2022 release which is currently being worked on.

Thanks for the update, that’s quite a bummer. :neutral_face: Unfortunately, I don’t use Photoshop anymore, so can’t go that route and the plugin installer doesn’t recognize Affinity Photo’s plugin folder. Guess I’ll have to wait for the 2022 version.

I am not sure how good Affinity Pro’s Photoshop plug-in support is, but you could try the following:

  • Create a shortcut of /Applications/BorisFX/Optics
  • Place the shortcut in Affinity Pro’s Photoshop plug-in folder
    If Affinity Pro’s has proper Photoshop plug-in support, Optics will work as a plug-in.