"Wrong host for license -4" error |only in Silhouette | support form doesn't work

I’ve recieved 12-month student license key. After a prompt about succesful activation I am getting

// Wrong host for license(1-4) Wrong host (-193): rehostable not on reference hostid //

error in Silhouettte, either standalone or plug-in version. I do not have problems with activating any other BorisFX software. What should I do? I’ve tried using creating a support ticket but the form bugs out with no errors (just refreshes) after I click submit on both chrome and edge browser.

Please advise.
Thank you

I see support tickets coming in, so not sure what the problem is. Alternatively, you can get support by emailing support@borisfx.com Make sure you include as much information as possible in the email: activation code, OS/version, Silhouette version, etc.