Wrong renew license option and disappeared older license

I just trying to prepare my current 3D Objects Unit license for future upgrades. Right now - latest license is fully functional with latest 3D Objects Unit version 2019.52. But I can not properly upgrade it to future 3D Objects Unit version. Your shop gives me only one wrong renew option “Continuum Units - Particles Upgrade from particleIllusion 3”.

BUT I do not own particleIllusion 3!

And when I trying to update from the shop, and selecting “Update From Previous Version” - message appears “No licenses found for this Product. Not seeing your serial? Contact us.”

So, there are 2 problems in my account:

  1. Wrong renew license option for Continuum - 3D Objects Unit.

I got Continuum - 3D Objects Unit license for version 10 with Magix Vegas 15 (s/n: QF****-B0*****-7N) and renewed it to version 11 at 14.12.2017 (s/n: 7-4***-9***-9, invoice: 2000390640). At 02.12.2018 renewed it to version 12 (s/n: 6-0***-6***-***7, invoice: 2000447353), and it still works (but it shows in account as “Continuum Units — Multi-host”).

Now, when I’m trying to renew current serial, your algorithm sends me to page called “Cart” with offer to buy renew for “Continuum Units - Particles Upgrade from particleIllusion 3” license, which is wrong. I just want it to work as it should.

  1. Earlier, I had 2 licenses in my account: one for 3D Objects Unit 11 (s/n: 7***-4***-9***-9), which is permanent and works for 3D Objects Unit up to version 12.02. And one for 3D Objects Unit 12 (s/n: 6-0***-6***-***7), which works for current version.

But now in new account on ‘Licenses’ tab it shows only v2019.5 (current) serial, and wrong renew option, as I wrote before.

I wrote support twice, but there was no response.

Please, fix my account.

Hi Karl,

I’m sorry to hear that you have encountered this very odd licensing problem - I’ll meet with support this morning and I’ll personally ask them to reach out to provide you with the help you need.

Thanks for your patience!


Thank You, Peter!
(Basicaly, I’m Denis, but it totally not important in this case :slightly_smiling_face: )

Exuse me, Peter.
I still got no answer from support…

I ran into a similar issue. Filed a support case, hopefully will get an answer.

I have three separate perpetual unit licenses, and the new app manager doesn’t deal with them. If I re-install it says that my license keys are for an older version and I need to update. But they’re supposed to be perpetual. Also, there is no way to enter multiple unit keys that I’ve found.

I just moved everything from a Mac to a PC, so had to re-install everything and don’t have old installer packages.

Hi Denis,

I’ve been told that this case has been sent over to Marie Buckley, who is your account manager. I’ll check in with her and ask her to reach out to you.


Hey Denis,

I heard back from Marie, who told me that she took care of your account and that you should be all set now.


Hi, Peter.
Today I received email from Marie, but there is nothing changed in my account.
I made video showing this case.
Wrong renew license option

Hi Denis,

I’m surprised (and sorry) to hear that the problem persists. If there was something that I could do to help you with this I would absolutely not hesitate to do so, but I believe it’s something that you must work through with Marie. Do you have her direct contact info? If not please let me know and I’ll make sure you’re connected.


Hi, Peter.
Yes, I wrote Marie with the same explanation and video.
But, because, only with your active help (Thank You) something moved forward (my first attempt to contact support was 18 September, 17:39), I’ll continue to post here, and let you know when problem disappears.