WTH Mocha why u tourchring me why u cant track a single bit in this simple footage why so

Tom Jerry Rude Love Song

Help me beautiful peoples, I am facing a great trouble i need to track that jerry face smoothly then apply or replace it with my cousin head only png but everytime mocha planet tracking failed always drift tracker point everytime i try all tracking option. ??!! >< :frowning:

I am in big trouble i need to do it pro now?

Your best bet is to watch some tutorials first, I would note that sometimes animation can be difficult to track due to lack of texture. You might try using a circle shape in Mocha and tracking translation, scale and rotation only and increasing the % of pixels to the highest setting.

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my dear bro thanks alot.
telling you directly i watch tons of Mocha tuts more than ur imagination but this matter is unique.
yes, i do use pen bazier to draw a circle then use all options like the translation to perspective and and also i use, try translation only or with scale rotation … i try all but the result shows the same stupidly track always drift slip after some frames pls will you just watch that youtube video 1st and examine jerry’s shape or will dear merry use that clip and try for me on her mocha ?? same what I want ?? Please to figure out perfectly !!!

I used Premier Pro with mocha plugin and sadly in premier pro mocha not offer tracking capability … so bad!!!

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You’re most likely going to have to roto that by hand.

The footage is extremely low resolution at 360 x 360, has a large number of compression artifacts from being recompressed repeatedly, has a lot of motion blur and finally the scene changes and text overlay will get in the way of automatic tracking.