X-spline and Planar are all over the place

I am new to using the Mocha Pro plug-in, but have been editing in Premiere for 10+ years, just to give you a little background on me.
I am in the process of editing my film and half a bunch of screen shots that I need to insert into phones and ipads. I figured I’d start with an easy one, but it seems like Mocha doesn’t like it.
Its a side shot of the person sitting in bed with the ipad in his hands with a blue screen on the ipad. The camera slides left and right on this view. The entire ipad is not completely in focus and the entire screen is not on camera.
The problem i have is that both the X-spline layer and the Planar are all over the place when i do the autotracking. And then when i go back and fix the autotracking on the frames that are all over the place, the frames that were fine have now moved.
I have tried this with the X_splin only on the blue screen, around the edges of the ipad, all the way around the ipad and even a single strip arcoss the screen where the ipad is visible.
I have tried to do the manual key frame for every single frame and even that causes the frames i have manually set to move when i touch other frames.
I know it’s just somethign I am missing, but none of the 8-10 tutorials i have watched explain how to fix this type of issue.
Any help anybody can give would be greatly appreciated. This tool seems like it would be amazing, I just need to get over this little hurdle (and hope there aren’t too many more hurdles like this). And if the simple answer is, “Mocha doesn’t work well with out of focus footage” i can deal with that and will just move onto the next shot.
Here’s a screen shot of my original thought of how i should setup the X-spline and Planar.

With this shot in particular your biggest enemy will be reflections.

You’re better off doing a secondary shape inside the first one using “add x-spline to layer” and cut out the middle entirely, focusing on the edges of the thumbs and the iPad.

@maryp Has a good tutorial on this here:

Thanks!! I’ll give that a shot.

That was it!!! it works like a champ now! Once I got through that video I was able to get my scene up and running in about an hour. it would have definitely taken me 4 times as long and looked half as good if i had done it by hand.

Thanks again!