x-Spline, B-Spline and Bezier Curves slipping & drifting

what type of video file formats can we track correctly? should I use camera raw video footage to track?. Is it possible to track mp4 video files? most of the time I struggle to track objects and all tracking things. every frame I had to track manually. I can use and make outlines properly using x-spline, B-spline but track options do not work usually curves splitting. how can I avoid it . I need help

Hi, can you post a full screen pic of Mocha showing the spline/s & say what you’re trying to track?

Hi @mkavisara96
Can you please show an example of what are you trying to track? It’s always better to see the actual material, to understand what the task is, and give a hint :slightly_smiling_face:

Generally, we want to avoid compressed file formats like mp4 if possible. The higher quality of footage, the better your chances of getting good tracks.

As others suggested, it would help to see what you are trying to track. Understanding that Mocha is a Planar Tracker and not a point or object tracker is key to using the software. If you are brand new to Mocha, we suggest starting with this video series: Boris FX | Training Series

Thank you for your, comment. I started moca Training series, what Can I use for object tracking


I tried it many times. but it’s not working. I can’t guess what’s wrong. I also used an mp4 video files to track and did some tracking projects to learn. I manually adjusted all spline keys and saved them. after few times I opened it again but all tracked splines didn’t follow the object

Hi, as Ross says Mocha is a planer tracking, in other words it likes to track flat planes or surfaces that are relatively flat, all features are on the same plane, , that helmet is round, round things don’t have a single plane & i suspect in the video it turns as the rider turns, ,
If you’re just learning then that is a hard one to start off with,

PS, that clip is only 70 frames long, you could share on Google Drive & post the link on here?

(3535) Best Stunts Compilation - Stunters Battle 2017 - YouTube

I used a video downloaded from this youtube link.

Hi, that video is 18mins long, sorry i’m not going to trawl through that to hopefully find the bit you’re posting about.

That looks like time shift for me. Do you work in Standalone, OFX, or Mocha Pro AE plugin? The source 18 minutes video is really long, did you put into a precomp section you are working on? Maybe you accidentally moved the layer.

If you’re just starting out, I would suggest learning on more shorter and easier shots. Movement of the helmet in video that you sent is not always planar, and the helmet is not a flat object itself. That makes this shot really not the easiest to track

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I have to do the challenging part. so I have to isolate people and animals & moving vehicles for VFX. I need to find a good solution. I saw on the internet they use moca to track most objects. that 18-minute video I added as a reference. I like to do challenging tasks to be roto artist

This is the 2-second short video clip from the youtube link. what are the technical points to do better rotoscope

thanks for you’re all comments. I love to do these kinds of rotoscoping things. planner tracking can do but this rotoscope part challenging

Hi, I might be wrong but because the bike & rider are turning, you can track pretty much anything in that clip , except for the bike & rider,