X-Spline shape exports too many vertices

When you create a vector shape with an X-Spline by pulling the control handles for all the points out, and then export the shape, the shape has twice as many vertices as are necessary.
For example, Create a trianglular vector shape and export it to another application and you get 6 vertices. Do the same with a square and you get 8 vertices.
Why is this?

That has to do with converting the curves to a curve other programs can read, it will always double up points like that. That’s an expected behavior. If it is problematic, you can use beziers, but they are not as fast in my opinion.

It doesn’t matter if they’re curves or not, because that is how the x-spline export translator works to AE and Nuke, because those both use beziers and that’s how the points come over. If you want to have a 1-1 ratio, use beziers. They’ll be the splines in mocha next to x-splines that have a “B” next to them.

No problem, as a workaround you can just delete the points you don’t want. It won’t run the shape :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response Mary.
It’s hard to make vector shapes with beziers because you have to get those little tangent handles right on top of the vertex. The only way to go is with X-Splines for that.
I think the exporter could be tweaked pretty easily to test for ‘all handles out’.
Great product, keep up the good work.

I think in this case there really are no curves.
If you pull the handles out all the way you get vector shapes (straight lines).
This is equivalent to having bezier handles in the same spot as their parent vertex.
Seems like the exporter could test for that condition, and export half the number of vertices.
Just an idea.