Xml file in FCP is inverted

I’m going a bit nuts trying to figure out why my exported .xml file when pasted on the timeline in FCP is inverted or has the video of the clip I am doing the track with sitting within the four points of my track area rather than the other way around. I did also select a logo but that does not appear at all.
I have checked the ‘invert’ button on export just in case this was the issue but no joy. I’ve read the documentation and still can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Forgive my ignorance as I’ve only started using this package. Maybe some basic thing.

Hi oigle,

Basically you want to copy XML you import in the bin and then paste only the *attributes *to the desired layer in your sequence. Make sure you select Basic Motion or Distort from the dialog box when you paste, depending on what you require