xSpline Intersecting issue

I’ve been working on a project with lots of fishing wire that needs removing. I masked them all on a single layer with Xspline + but when the fishing wire crosses another fishing wire the layer intersects rather than adding.

The layer properties say Add but I’m having no luck.

I hope someone can help me.


That’s part of Mocha functionality, intersecting shapes on the same layer always cut out. Try putting it on a different layer.

You can also render all fishing wires out as a matte pass and bring them back in all on the same layer as a workaround.

Thanks, I was looking through your support on this website and I’m so impressed.

I’ve separated all the wires to individual layers now. Initially I thought I select them all and click remove but my computer cant handle this and crashes. So I’ve rendered a grayscale matte of all the wires but how do I use that as a mask to remove the wires?

I just found this! https://vimeo.com/247566968

Thats done the trick!

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