You Have Reached The Maximum number of activations permitted

I had to format the old computer where I had the stage light installed, I want to try the plugin again but it tells me that the maximum number of activations allowed has been reached.How can I reset if the computer where I had it installed no longer exists, it was formatted?

Go to your BorisFX My Account and under ‘Account’ select the ‘Licenses’ tab. If your product is listed there, it should have a ‘Reset License’ link (in blue). Click on that link and your existing activation will be cleared which should then enable you to activate the program on your reformatted HDD.

However, if the reset option is not available on My Account, I believe that you will need to lodge a support ticket requesting BorisFX to manually reset the activation limit.

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Thanks Dexcon!
I will create a support ticket.
Best wishes!

Just checking back in with you on this issue - have you been able to successfully reactivate your license?


Hi Peter, I received very good attention from the support people and they already reset my serial number, thank you very much. Cheers!

I am hoping they change their protocol to allow a single user to be able to register two computers. I work on a desktop, but take my laptop on travel and I ofyen travel to plavves where I dont have internet access. Every single subscription and plug in I own allows this. Every single one of them. I love this program but do wish the company would update this protocol to be consistent with the rest of the photography software protocols.