refused to connect

Hi I wonder if anyone else gets this message whenever they attempt to run any of the Tutorial videos? I am a newbie and was hoping to use the tutorials to get started.

Hi, It won’t even install on my Win 10 system, blocked as dangerous.

Can you provide a url for the tutorials? I’ve had no issues running them on the BorisFX website.

If you downloaded the installer from the BorisFX website, then your malware detector is probably being too aggressive and returning a false positive.

The tutorials are at: Boris FX | Particle Illusion
or you can just go to the BorisFX channel on YouTube.

Now that is really strange. They would not run yesterday or this morning both on my ipad and my PC but I have just logged into my PC and they are running fine. By the way I tried using Chrome and Edge browsers and got the same message so I suspect the problem was with the Boris Web Server.

I was able to go to the Borisfx site with Chrome and Firefox.

Yes I had no problem getting on Borisfx website. I could see all the tutorials but when I clicked on any of them they appeared to try to run but after a few seconds with the black screen I got the error message. All seems fine now.